Name: Carrie Ann Simmons
Carrie began her fitness training over 12 years ago when she first fell in love with bodybuilding. She went on compete and succeed as a national level bodybuilder and now in Fitness competitions where she combines her love for the gym with acrobatics and dance.

Aerial training began for Carrie at the Philadelphia School of Circus arts in 2003. After finding a serious passion for the training, she began to perform with Air Play, Philadelphia's own company of professional aerial acrobats.

After moving to the Los Angeles area, she found Kinetic Theory. She continues to perform, now with Kinetic’s Circus Troupe and is an assistant aerial coach.

Carrie has a passion for fitness and love sharing it with others. She specialize in weight loss, toning & firming, bodybuilding,core strength, and flexibility. Carrie combines those with nutrition, and cardiovascular exercise.   As a trainer and coach, she brings all these components together to help you create an overall healthy lifestyle approach that you can LIVE with.